Sermon series

Lenten Sermon Series

Feb. 25-April 1

When Things Have Gone Wrong

The season of Lent is a slow walk to the cross.  On one hand, the cross is shocking. On the other hand, it is expected. Things go wrong in everyone’s life.  Life is not fair. No one escapes suffering. Power is often used in abusive fashion. The passion of Christ did not eliminate the brokenness in our world, but he did battle it every day. He showed us the healing difference that love can make in a world that always knows pain and disappointment. The life of Christ is not simplistic or Pollyanna, but it is hope when things have gone wrong.

Feb. 25     The Heart has a History?
March 4   Rev. Dr. Brandon Frick preaching
March 11  When God is In The Room
March 18   Is it Easier if you Know Who to Blame?
March 25    (Palm Sunday)  Business as Usual or Not?
April 1      Easter