Sermon series


a stranger came to town

This is a season of tradition. We read the same stories. We sing the same hymns. We light the purple candles. We kneel at the manger and we have learned the angels songs by heart. We walk this same journey because the love that fashioned the universe and its billions of galaxies has chosen, in grace, to take on skin and walk where we walk. The Word became flesh. He napped in a manger. He spoke with an accent, and had favorite foods and loved a good story. He was one of us. But he was also a stranger. His heart was bigger, his prayers were deeper, his spirit was freer. This strangeness was unsettling to some. It was magnetic to others. They discovered, and we continue to discover, that this stranger not only reveals truth about God, but he reveals the truth about us. A stranger came to town and sends us on a journey to find our way home.

Dec. 3 -This is the Stranger's Town
Dec. 10-Finally Seeing What Has Been True All Along
Dec . 17-The Good News of the Metanoia Man


Christmas Eve | Dec. 24

9:30 a.m. Lessons and Carols
7:30 p.m. Traditional Candlelight Worship, You Do Not Have to Be Afraid Anymore