summer sermon series

People Like Us

June 16-august 18

The Bible is filled with stories of people. Some of them are of amazing and inspiring folks. Others’ stories tell of folks in desperate need. Many tell of ordinary times. These people we discover in pages of sacred script are, however, people like us. They endeavored to live as God’s children amidst the realities of their place and time. Some of them provide inspiring examples of faith. Some walk paths we should avoid. Many were mixtures of belief and unbelief. This summer we will meet— or meet again—a collection of people who can serve as examples as we seek to live as God’s children amidst the realities of the world in our time and place.

June 16 Joseph: a Man of Righteousness – Rev. Tom Are preaching

June 23 Miriam – Rev. Hallie Hottle preaching

June 30 The Unnamed Ethiopian – Rev. Dr. Brandon Frick preaching at Village on Antioch; VOA Marks Its Second Anniversary

July 7 A Woman Known Only by Her Illness – Rev. Tom Are preaching

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