I wish the pastor would talk about _________

Jan. 20-Feb. 24

In December the church family was invited to share topics to be included in a sermon series. Hundreds of responses were received. The following sermons have been taken from the most frequently requested topics. Other suggestions will, no doubt, be helpful in formulating future sermon series at Village, but for now the most commonly submitted topics were these:

Jan. 20 Predestination: Does That Sound Like Good News To You?

Jan. 27 The World is a Mess. Why doesn’t God Do Something?

Feb. 3 Can We Really Trust that We Will Go to Heaven?

Feb 10 The Earth is the Lord’s (a Word about Climate Change)

Feb. 17 Why Did Jesus Talk So Much About Money? (Doesn’t He Know that Makes Us Uncomfortable?)

Feb. 24 Do We Need The Book of Revelation?