Childcare Staff


Our Nursery is open during every worship time, and on occasion for special events. Our staff are trained, responsible, and passionate about caring for kiddos. We love when all ages worship together, and don't mind little noises in the sanctuary. But, if a young one needs a different place to be during worship, this is a great one!

What to expect upon arrival

When you first come to the nursery, you'll be asked to fill out some paperwork to ensure we have all the info. we need to care for your child. We keep this on file, and you'll be asked to renew it just once a year, or if something changes. After that initial drop off, you'll only need to sign in the child, and leave a cell phone number for contact.

Pager System

You'll be issued a "pager" whenever you leave a child in the nursery. Our childcare staff do their best to ensure your worship experience is uninterrupted and your little ones are learning and happy, but if a child is having a rough day (we all do), they'll buzz your pager to indicate you are needed in the nursery. You'll also give your cell phone number at each drop off, as a secondary means of contact.