Sermon series


It takes a village: the people who helped Jesus be Jesus 

Sept. 10-Oct. 15

We sometimes assume that Jesus, by the time he was old enough to talk, was fully aware that he was the Christ and knew just how to live as God’s son in human history. But there were moments in the Gospel story where Jesus encountered others who seemed to teach him who he was or at least how to live as God’s son. It’s not too much to say that in some of these encounters, Jesus learned how to be Jesus. There is not a one of us who comes to a life of faith and faithfulness without the mentoring of others. That seems to be true for Jesus as well. Perhaps we can learn from those who taught him.

Sept. 10 Mary and the Hour

Sept. 17 Satan and the Unending Questions

Sept. 24 Joseph: When Righteousness Doesn’t Come Easily

Oct. 1 World Communion Sunday: Dr. Nishioka Preaching

Oct. 8 John the Baptist and Disappointment

Oct. 15 A Canaanite Woman, Dogs and Gentiles in General