Sermon series

April 15-May 27

Curate Your Heart

Some have said we are defined by our work.  Some have said we are what we eat. At the deepest level, we are what we love. We can love all manner of things. We love our families and we love vacation. We love our country and we can love good coffee. It seems that love just happens, that love is something into which we fall. But love is also chosen. It is important to ask ourselves if we love the right things. In this sermon series, we will explore how following the life of Christ is a practice of training our hearts to want what God wants, to love the right things. If we are what we love, then curating our hearts is important work.

April 15  What do you want?
April 22  This Is Not the Time for Trivia
April 29  We Are Part of a Long Amazing Story
May 6     It's Not Always About Bliss
May 13   It's Not Always About Me-Even When It Is
May 20   Love Is Not the Only Thing
May 27   Do You Have Time, or Does Time Have You?